Monday, August 24, 2015

Tahoe Rim Trail gear list


Gossamer Gear Gorilla

Personal Sleeping Gear
Sleeping pad Nemo Short with sack - 296gr
Sleeping bag Z-Packs 30 short in compression sack - 460gr
Total Personal Sleeping Gear: 662gr

Personal Kitchen Gear
Collapsible cup - 65gr
Titanium spoon - 10gr
Opsack for trash - 17gr
Total personal kitchen: 132gr

Personal Care Items
Pocket shampoo - 14gr
Towel - 23gr
Hair brush - 6gr
Tooth brush - 10gr
Wet wipes - 53gr
Toilet paper in zip lock - 38gr
Diclofenac - 71gr
CeraVe face wash - 35gr
CeraVe moisturizing lotion - 35gr
Eye cream - 17gr
Chapstick - 11gr
8x daily liners in zip lock- 12gr
Hand sanitizer?
Total personal care - 350gr

Other Personal Gear
2x Platipus water bottle (1.5 or 2l)
Headlamp BD Storm w batteries - 119gr
Extra batteries (4 in zip lock) - 49gr
iPhone in case - 171gr
Mosquito net (face) - 28gr
Sun charged battery panel 
USB cables for watch and iphone
Charger USB to use in hotel
Total other gear no water: 

Cloths to carry in pack
Patagonia puffy shirt - 140gr
Brooks wind jacket - 120gr
Montane rain jacket - 167gr
Montane featherlite pants - 115gr
Extra socks - 31gr
Extra panties - 23gr
Sleeping socks - 63gr
Merino shirt long sleeve (for sleeping) - 149gr
Merino pants (for sleeping) -151gr
Thick merino shirt
Thick merino pants
Gloves - 26gr
Hat - 31gr
Swim suite
Total cloths (pack weight) - 1035gr

Food (2-3lbs/day)
7x Mary Jane Farms
3x Snickers small bites
Cookies from Russian store
Justin's Chocolate/Hazelnut paste 

Not pack weight (to wear & hiking poles)
Sport bra
Ankle brace
Shoes La Sportiva Helios
Bike gloves - 42 gr
Hiking poles BD ultradistance 100cm - 280gr

GROUP GEAR (split between 3)
Tent Hexamid (with fixing kit and extra cord) - 560gr (no stakes)
Stakes for tent - 63gr
Tent total with stakes - 623gr

MSR Reactor + medium jar fuel - 870gr
Extra medium jar fuel - 380gr
MSR backup stove - 112gr
Squeeze water filter in stuff sack (no syringe) - 152gr
Ursa sack - 223gr
Coffee + tea in zip lock - 157gr
Total kitchen: 2000gr

Medical/blister kit:
Kinesio tape - 60gr
Tincture of benzoin - 25gr(??)
Blister kit + Bandaids - 87gr
Neosporin - 29gr
Bodyglide - 42gr
Total medical kit: 268gr

Small items:
2x Lighter -22 gr
Duct tape - 16gr
Knife - 26gr
Small scissors - 19gr
Wash concentrate (citronella) - 54gr
Sunscreen - 28gr
Toothpaste - 26gr
Ben's insect repellent - 52gr
Syringe for filter - 30
Sweet water backup purifier - 76
Total small items: 460gr

DROP BOX (mailed to Tahoe City, CA)

7x Mary Jane Farms
Cookies from Russian store
Extra socks
Wet wipes
Clean cloths?