Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 and 2015 resolutions

2014 results

Short trail

Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival 5.2M - 41:18.05 (5th female, 17 overall) - season opener on a winter storm day, delayed by 1 hour, couldn't feel my feet for half of the run :)
Lord Hill 10M - 1:36:10.7 (4th female, 27 overall) - big hill in the beginning the rest was quite runnable, felt good in spite of a long run the day before
Sun Mountain 25K - 2:15:22 (12th female, 40th overall) - run the 50K next day, didn't feel good on the uphill, but downhill was great. Position sucks because it was a competitive race, and I am not fast at short races..
Taylor Mountain half marathon - 2:03:23.6 (5th female, 19th overall) - very muddy, but felt good
Cougar Mountain Trail Running Series 10.82M - 1:47:33.0 (7th female, 24th overall) - incredibly hot day, I think it was high 80ties during the race.

Long trail

Orcas Island 50K - 5:57:04 (7th female, 45th overall), felt great, 30 minutes PR on the course
Chuckanut 50K - 5:26:40 - (14th female, 95th overall), ran after two weeks of being sick and not running, had bronchitis, was still coughing a lot during the run. Made a conclusion that sometimes it's better to DNS (especially if the race is not an A goal), and that race was a good one not to start. Still got about 15 minutes course PR, but Chuckanut in 2013 was not great too (my stomach was off during the whole race). Not racing it in 2015 because of conflicts, but desperately need my redemption on this course. Maybe 2016?
Gorge Waterfalls 50K - 5:30:58 (4th female, 33rd overall), felt great all day.
Lake Sonoma 50M - 9:28:04 (18th female, 90th overall) - very competitive 50M, was not ready for the distance though on 30 miles/week training. Race was a roller-coaster between feeling strong and weak.
Sun Mountain 50K - 5:03:48 (6th female, 25th overall) - ran it the next day after a 25K race. The course is shorter than 50K, probably about 29 miles. Felt tired, but the course is really fast, can surely do under 5 hours with proper rest the day before. Not doing it in 2015 though, because of a conflict.
Squaw Peak 50M - 10:11:19 (2nd female, 17th overall) - my first race in Utah with about 10-11k of elevation gain, felt bad because of altitude (up to 10k?), heat and very early start (4am Seattle time). Came in 2nd just because this race is not competitive at all, except for the first place lady who finished 50 minutes ahead of me (and also broke 18yo Wasatch course record few months later).
Speedgoat 50K - 8:21:09 (18th female, 91 overall) - jeez, that one was hard. My second race in Utah. I was in a great shape, but felt just awful because the race is between 7,500 and 11,000 (getting up to 11k three times over ~33 miles) and I came the night before from the sea level. I also had a heat stroke just before finishing..
White River 50M - 8:50:35 (3rd female, 28th overall) - hands down my best race of the season. Ran it just one week after Speedgoat, felt awesome all day long, got in 3rd at the Sun Top and never looked back. 45 minutes course PR.
Wasatch Front 100M - 25:47:01 (6th female, 35th overall) - my A race of the year (in Utah too), but didn't go as I planned. I did not feel at 100% during the race jumping from one problem to another. Wasn't able to run from mile 73 to mile 94. I wanted to do sub-24, and conditions were perfect, but my body did not cooperate. Another one I need to come back sometime.


Seattle Marathon - 3:22:55 (15th female, 140th overall) - 17 minutes course and distance PR. Aimed for 3:20, but generally happy with sub 3:23. Started training in October and trained well, though two most important build up weeks were skipped because of the trip to Russia.


Not a great season at all. I think I've only climbed few times outside in WA in spring, and for 5 days in Colorado in August. I did send my first outside V4 (Fridge Center in Leavenworth), but did not climb a V5 as I wanted.

2015 plans and goals


  • Road half marathon PR. My current PR from 2010 (my last HM) is 1:43:48. 1:35 must be doable judging by my full marathon time. The problem is that I am going to race it in the middle of the trail ultra season, not sure if I won't loose the speed by that time. Lake Sammammish half is on Mar,7 and Mercer Island half is on Mar, 22.
  • Race outside of the state. This year I am going to AZ (Black Canyon 100K) and GA (Cruel Jewel 50M).
  • PR at all races I've done before.
  • Podium at Cascade Crest 100M.
  • Marathon PR. Now I need to beat 3:22:55 and it's going to be harder than ever. 


  • Climb 4 days/week
  • Start working on finger strength finally! Right now I don't, like at all.
  • Power endurance workouts once in two weeks at least, they work!
  • Just keep doing strength and core 
  • Stretch more!!!
  • Climb outside more, and do a V5

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