Sunday, November 1, 2015

Core work


1. Planking - 2min 
2. Side planking - 1 min each side
3. One leg, one arm planking - 1min each side
4. Superman - 1 min
5. Supine oblique ball twist - 1min

6. Reverse press up - 1min

7. Knee to elbow planking - 1min
8. Two step bicycles
Unlike normal bicycles, keep one leg extended as if you are keeping your foot on a far away hold. Keep that foot extended as you straighten your bent leg, match feet, then bend the other leg.
9. Suitecases

10. V-ups

11. Hollow hold

12. На нижний пресс. Ложимся на пол, ноги под углом 90 вверх, лопатки отрываем от пола и тянемся поочередно то к одной ноге, то к другой.


1. Planking on ball - 2min

2. Side planking - 1 min each side
3. Extend elbows away from body and back on ball - 1 min

4. Knee to ball or Advanced 
Straighten leg, then keep it raised as you swoop it back behind you. Lower back to plank then repeat with your other leg. Focus on seamless transitions WITHOUT your core leaning from side-to-side.

5. Legs on ball, one arm up ahead or up on the side (harder)

6. Back extension - 1min

7. Legs to chest on ball or TRX.

8. Feet to hands on pull up bar

9. Feet to sides on pull up bar 

10. One leg up on pull up bar

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