Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week, Feb 11-17

[I am blogging this because I need a reason to blame myself for not enough training]

Last week was not that good as it could have been. On Tuesday I had a running day off, and we were doing pull ups at the office with colleagues (we do that every day), so I've done something like 8+8+3, and the last 3 were using really wide grip and on hanging training holds,  and I felt a striking pain in my back. My right shoulder got injured badly, my neck was hurting a lot and it was just really painful just to sit and walk, and even lying on the coach was pretty painful. I didn't go climbing that day of course, and on Wednesday it didn't go away, didn't even get better.

I skipped Wednesday planned 10m of running, and took the whole week off climbing.

I felt better by the weekend, and on Sunday we decided to hike up/run down Mailbox Peak instead of 10m running. It is very steep gaining 3800 feet for the last 2.5 miles with the total gain of 4100 feet and 6 miles roundtrip.

There was a lot of snow and I felt pretty idiotic in shorts and running shoes surrounded by people in gortex, la sportiva nepals, crampons and with ice axes. Lots of fun anyways :)

So, here are the totals:
Mon: 7m/650 feet, Cougar
Tue: OFF
Wed: OFF
Thu: 7m/650 feet, Cougar
Fri: 7m/650 feet, Cougar
Sat: 7m/ 650 feet, Cougar
Sun: 6m/4100 feet, Mailbox Peak

Total: 34 miles, 6700 feet

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