Monday, February 11, 2013

Week Feb, 4-10

I say recovery!

I felt amazingly good during recovery runs on Tue and Wed, little bit tired on Thu. Saturday run on Mt Si ended up to be a hike all the way up as my calves got pumped almost immediately (I need to warm up before the uphill!). On Sunday I tried to run hilly, but easy going course and pace, and that worked, though I walked some steeper sections.

Funny that my downhills are getting faster and stronger (and they are already pretty darn fast and strong!), though my uphills suck more and more judging by Mt Si hikes. Not worried, races are won on downhills :) Actually I shouldn't be judging my uphills progress just one week after the 50k race with 8400 feet of gain, it suppose to suck now.

Kolya at the same time is progressing on uphills fast, he ran almost all the way up to Mt Si summit after the same race.

Mon: OFF
Tue: 5m/420 feet, Cougar & bouldering
Web: 7m/600 feet, Cougar
Thu: 5m/420 feet, Cougar & lead climbing
Fri: OFF
Sat: 8m/3215 feet, Mt Si
Sun: 9m/1600 feet, Cougar (planned to go to Camp Muir on skis, but Kolya got sick).

Total: 34m/6255 feet

The number of my climbing days is scary small. I don't think I am going to progress in climbing this year, not before WS. Then I'll have few months before competitions season start, and I will not be ready to progress to Open group I think. It's ok, running Western States is a single life time opportunity and I know I can be really well prepared for it.

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