Friday, July 12, 2013

Seems like one week is not enough to recover from 100 mile race (oh, really?). My legs are slow, even downhills. The climbing injury I've got during tapering is getting worse, now pain is almost permanent and it is spread all over my right leg (from buttock to calf).

I am also still drinking WS style - finished the bottle before 3 mile mark on mt Si ascent! But I am not sweating that much as at WS (really, at low 70ties), not sure where the water goes. Probably I just carry it all the way up to the top. Stupid!

I signed up for the 4 mile fun run (with 3,500 feet of gain) in September, and in order to not place last(!) I need to cut at least 10 minutes of my current ascent time, woohoo! Let's see what is possible over the month and a half. Uphills is my anti-talent that's why it is so tempting.

Also I decided to give track workouts a try. I like everyone else have a high school emotional trauma related to the track, but I am a big girl now.

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