Monday, July 8, 2013

Signed up for White River 50m. Maybe too soon, so I will not be expecting much from it. It is just the last opportunity to run more than 50k this year, and I like to run more.

Also decided that I will change my training a little bit now. My "zero speed work" training works good for 100s, that's already proved. I want to improve on shorter distances too, and maybe even PR at Seattle Marathon in November. I am probably one of the smartest runners out there, just a very slow one. If I fix that, everything can happen.

Yeah, I kinda feel competitive now.

PS: Pam Smith ran most of the uphills at WS this year. I just can't imagine doing that. Need to promise to myself to start running more uphills, and hike less. WS may be a downhill race, but somehow great uphillers tend to win it (Tim Olson, Ellie Greenwood, Pam Smith).

PPS: this looks good..

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