Thursday, March 5, 2015

Race schedule 2015

1. Tiger Fat Ass 25K (WA, trail), Jan-3: 2:39, 2nd female.
2. Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival 10M (WA, trail), Jan-10: 1:19:56, 5th female.
3. Blast from the Past half marathon 13M (WA, trail), Jan-18: 2:15:00, 5th female.
4. Orcas Island 50K, Feb-7 (WA, trail): 5:56:37, 2nd female.
5. Black Canyon 100K, Feb 14 (Arizona, trail): DNS.
6. Lake Sammammish half marathon 13.1M, Mar-7 (WA, gravel+road, flat): 1:39:17, 51st female :((
7. Mercer Island half marathon 13.1M, Mar-22 (WA, road, hilly?): 1:40:37, ran for fun, didn't race, tapering for Gorge 100K, probably top 50.
8. Gorge Waterfalls 100K, Mar-28 (OR, trail): 11:20:49, 3rd female in the Montrail Ultra Cup event! Missed WS spot by 10 minutes.
9. Yakima Skyline Rim 50K, Apr-18 (WA, trail) - DNF at the half way point due to foot injury. First DNF, first serious injury :(
10. Capitol Peak 55K, Apr-26 (WA, trail) - DNS due to foot injury.
11. Cruel Jewel 50M, May-16 (Georgia, trail)
12. White River 50M, Jul-25 (WA, trail)
13. Angel's Staircase 60K, Aug-8 (WA, trail)
14. Run Rabbit Run 100M, Sep-18 (Colorado, trail)
15. Spartan Race Super, 8M/20 obstacles, Oct-17 (WA, trail?)

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