Friday, April 3, 2015

Summer plans and little bit of WS frustration ;)

I learned a lot about myself during last weekend at Gorge Waterfalls. I already knew that I am strong (I've never said that I am humble, just strong ;)) when it gets to long and hard courses, especially if bad conditions are added to equation as a cherry on top. Last weekend I learned that I can be competitive not only in some local events, but with the top level elites like Michele Yates and Joelle Vaught. Many what-ifs passed in my head when I was thinking about my Black Canyon 100K DNS and finishing times there comparing to Gorge, with Black Canyon definitely being much easier course (much hotter too though). It doesn't mean anything today, since I finished 3rd at the Gorge and I did not get in to Western States (only first two did), something I wanted and did not want to at the same time. But depending on how things are going to play out I am probably going to give MUC a shot next year, trying to get that spot through the MUC events - the most prestigious and the right way of doing it for someone who considers herself competitive.

Now let's forget about Black Canyon, Gorge, Western States and MUC, because it's all doesn't matter this year (except for my friend Slava running it, and I will be so cheering for him!), there is a big news that makes this year different and so exciting. This was a very little snow winter, Washington pass has opened today, and we expect the snow to be gone from the high country as early as May or June! I am going to race Cruel Jewel 50M in Georgia in May and then I am free of racing till the end of July, there my 4th run of White River 50M is going to happen. I wanted to make a list of the backcountry stuff that I wanted to do for the last two years since I became a more or less decent trail runner.

  1. PCT section J: Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass - 70-ish miles, probably in two days fastpack. I'd like to do a single push, but unsupported it's going to be painful, and Nikolay won't agree.
  2. Run around Mt St Helens - about 50K (there's official 50K race on that course, but timing is wrong), must be available early this year
  3. Run around Mt Hood - 40-something miles single push, must be available early this year
  4. Run around Mt Rainier - permits pending, one week after White River, 3 days fast pack.
  5. Enchanted Valley in Olympic NP - want to do a two days fastpack, because it's just too stupid to not stay there overnight, considering the out and back course and a long drive.

What else? TBD.

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