Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spinning bike workouts

My foot is injured post Gorge Waterfalls, so spending some time on the spinning bike. Workouts (posting here for easy location):

Trainer Speed Pyramid

Focus is on higher cadence/speed intervals above lactic threshold.
Warm-up: 15 minutes
6 min easy spin
5×30 sec ON/30 sec OFF high cadence intervals in small chainring.
Cadence should be above 100 RPM without rocking on the saddle during the
ON segments. Upper body should stay still, while the legs do the work.
This will make the time pass quickly during warm-up and to also quickly
elevate the heart rate. It will also set you up for the fun of the main
set. OFF should be easy spin.
4 min easy spin, prep mind for main set.

Main set: 26 minutes
1 minute ON /1 minute OFF
2/2 minute, 4/4 minute, 3/3 minute, 2/2 minute, 1/1 minute (the same time ON and OFF).
All of the ON intervals are done slightly above the functional threshold (FT, the maximal pace you can sustain for an effort of approximately 60 min in duration). If you have a power meter, it’s recommended to perform a 20-minute (or similar) power test to determine zones and your FT.
On the perceived effort scale (1-10), the ON intervals would be ~9 out of 10. Heart rate should be monitored but it is not a precise tool to use for effort for this specific workout. However, it’s always recommended to analyze all training data after the workout for any pacing/effort modifications that may help with consistent training.
Use your gear of choice to maintain a cadence above 90 RPM for the ON intervals.
Cool-down: 5 minutes
If you have more time, it’s recommend to flush the legs for at least 10–15 minutes.
Additional post-workout exercises: hip flexor stretching and foam roller/trigger point for sore spots.

Tabata Intervals

Named after Japanese exercise physiologist Izumi Tabata, this brutal interval set is the most time-efficient cycling fitness builder ever created. Warm up with at least five minutes of easy spinning. Next, increase the tension or gear ratio and sprint for 20 seconds. Now stop and rest passively for 10 seconds. Complete eight all-out sprints of 20 seconds followed by 10-second passive rests.
If you’ve done the workout right and held nothing back in those short intervals, you will find yourself breathing harder than you ever have in your entire life after the eighth and last sprint. A cool-down of easy spinning is optional.
In one study, a period of Tabata training increased the VO2 max of trained athletes by 14 percent and their anaerobic capacity by a whopping 28 percent.

Power Workout:

15 minute warm up, 8 x 2:00 hard / 2:00 rest, cool down
15 minute warm up, 6 x 3:00 hard / 3:00 rest, cool down

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