Thursday, December 27, 2012

Almost 8 (7.88 to be precise) miles yesterday, added a small up and downhill to my standard weekday road run. The hardest thing for me was to get out when it was raining heavily. Done that, and after 15 minutes of warming up, it became better and I stopped noticing the rain as usual.

Meanwhile, yesterday not being very busy at work (my customer's office is shut down from 24th to the 2nd, so I don't really have much to do now..), so I started making "research", and when I do that I usually end up in panic. The panic this time started when I found that people who have completed the races I ran in the past with approximately the same result have barely made the cut off time at Western States (I wasn't looking at 2012 results, as obviously this year's conditions were not normal for WS). On the other hand, I did not train at all before my 50k's, and I spent many weeks in Mexico City running on the treadmill (3 miles max as I hate it!) before the White River. I was too relaxed (as I have already qualified) and injured to have a good training before the DC Firetrails, though I think I was in a comparably good shape there, it is the heat and the big uphill in the middle what killed me. So if this time I train more and smarter, I can perform better.

Have got my new training program for the first two weeks of 2013 from KM. He doesn't like the idea of putting lots of miles on the legs through signing up to 50k+ races for every weekend. He also took out all 50m races from my schedule for 2013. My racing addiction is a danger now!

The first two weeks schedule looks easy, 35m for the first week of Jan and 37 for the second one, with 5 days of running per week total and maximum of 12 and 14 miles on the first and the second weeks. Let's see how it goes.

PS: I also found that buying new running cloths motivates me to go out for a run. Ooops.

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