Monday, December 17, 2012

This weekend was very productive, I decided to not be a pussy and went out for a 16m run on Saturday after waking up at 12pm.

I had my Seattle marathon shirt on, that I believe sucks because it is long sleeve, but at the same time it is not warm at all, that makes it useless in both cold and hot weather. It was pretty cold and apparently was raining much harder than it looked from out of the window, so I had to put my Brooks LSD jacket on (that usually is too warm for me) while waiting for the green light at Coal Creek Pkwy crossing.

I started running and found that I felt great and running uphills was much easier than last week. I never walked both Quarry trail and Shangri-La trail (two long uphills on my standard 16 miles course). When I reached the top of the Quarry Trail it started snowing heavily, and the trail was like a combination of mud and water springs.

It felt great to see the snowfall for the first time this year and just few miles from the home.

However the plan was to complete two long runs back to back - Saturday and Sunday. It was planned long time ago that we are going to Gold Myer hot springs - natural hotsprings 11 miles from Middle Fork Trailhead, not far from North Bend, WA.

The road to Middle Fork TH is brutal, so we car pooled with Andrey and Maxim and went there on Nissan X-trail, anyways for few times I thought that the car is going to fall into the river or turn upside down, and my powered by Starbucks breakfast wasn't very happy with this trip too.

Anyways we finally reached the trail head, but decided to run on the dirt road as the trail might have not been visible because of the snow. Middle Fork trail is flat. However the road version of it is apparently not. My GPS showed 7k feet of elevation gain overall. Also it all was snow and snow-mud, but at least it was not raining.

So when we started running I was surprised how good I felt for the second day of running. But it only was till the first long uphill started... That's where my hips clearly stated that we are going to move REALLY SLOW today. And we did. Everybody waited for me, but we reached the hot springs in 2 hours and 5 or 10 minutes.

The hot springs were fun! And my legs really relaxed, so on the way back I felt much much better! Also because Max took all my backpack contents and because it was mostly downhill. Maxim however started feeling bad on the way back (headache most probably caused by high temperature of the hot springs), so this time we again moved not too fast.

Anyways I finished strong and was happy that I can actually do two back to back runs with 38 miles total over the weekend (16 + 22).

Cougar on Saturday:

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  1. I found that putting a short sleeve shirt on top of Seattle Marathon shirt makes a good combo which is warm enough and is ill breathes well. I use it when the temperature goes below 3C.