Thursday, December 13, 2012

Talked to Glen in gym few days ago, he is two times WS100 finisher and has also finished LOTS OF other 100s. Generally his pace is  a little bit slower than mine on 50k'es & 50 milers, but he is used to run much longer distances and logs crazy numbers of miles per week.

Here's what I should take as an approach as he suggests: sign up for every race I can before May, even if there are two races back to back Saturday and Sunday. Forget about being competitive, remember that this is just to run longer, not to run faster. If I have to run 50k today, knowing that I am running a 50 miler tomorrow (or even next week), I have to be smart and not run out my body trying to keep crazy pace (not that I ever do this in ultras..).

Use Capitol Peak 50 miler in April as a test. If I run under 9hrs (c'mon, even Max didn't do that last year), I can start thinking about finishing in under 24 at Western States. If I don't - my goal is just to finish (and we'll see how it goes, Max did it just with 8 minutes of spare time last year..).

Now when I am also in to Miwok 100 on May 4, and this is a crazy challenging course with 13,000 feet of elevation gain in 62 miles, that is going to be my last big race before long tapering before WS (though I might have schedule to run  few 50ks in between). It is in California and last years reports say that there are huge chances of being a CRAZY HOT on this course. That's something I need to use to get ready for WS conditions: run with bottles, not pack, learn to swallow ice cubes and popsicles, learn to maintain low body temperatures in a very hot conditions.

Fucking excited!

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