Friday, January 4, 2013

I have never felt so tired while running 4 miles as yesterday. Kolya suggested to run on road as "these are just 4 miles", but I decided that I should go on trails (though there are 1.5 miles total on the road anyways to get to the trails from my house and then back). I wanted to run to Red Town trailhead, that would total in 5 miles, but I turned back when my watch showed 2 as moving further was so hard.

Then we went climbing, and I felt a lot of power in my arms, but started feeling pain the joint that connects my left leg to the body (whatever it is called), so had to stop.

Tomorrow I am running Tiger Fat Ass 25k (16m) that will be completely new experience for me, as the only thing that I've done really seriously and really well before each of my races was tapering, but this time I am going to run on completely killed legs (unless the miracle happens between right now and tomorrow AM).

Today is the running day off, might go bouldering.

Good news: I've done 9 pull ups in a row yesterday, that is my PR for the moment!

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