Monday, January 28, 2013

Week Jan, 21-27

The good news is that I 100% followed the schedule and haven't missed a single run. The bad news is that I felt awful on all the runs except for probably one (the Friday's one). I was really slow and out of energy. There was not much of a pain during Thu-Sun runs (and there was a lot of pain during Mon and Tue runs related to double Mt Si ascent that was probably just stupid as it feels now), just ridiculously slow legs.

I couldn't climb either, was just too sleepy and too tired.

This week we are running Orcas Island 50k with 8400 feet of climbing, that is kinda scary if I keep going the same slow pace.

Mon: 8m, 827 vfeet
Tue: 7m, 715 vfeet, bouldering
Wed: rest
Thu: 7m, 653 vfeet, bouldering
Fri: 7m, 673 vfeet
Sat: 8m, 700 vfeet, ice climbing with pretty tough approach
Sun: 10m, 1250 vfeet

Total: 47m, 4818 vfeet

Let's call it a recovery week. Or a tapering week.

This week I am supposed to run 7-8-6 on Tue-Wed-Thu before Orcas on Saturday, but I think I will skip the Thu. I feel that I really need more rest.

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