Thursday, January 10, 2013

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I want to run Stevens to Snoqualmie (or backwards, don't know yet) this autumn. Thinking it will take at least 24hrs unsupported. Another plan is 90 mile long Wonderland trail, that has some possibilities for crew access.

Steven's Pass to Snoqualmie Pass (WA) Section:

Will Thomas provided information on a short section of the PCT that looks like an excellent route worthy of its own FKT. This is a 75 mile segment from in Washington, from Steven's Pass to Snoqualmie Pass. "Next to the Wonderland Trail around Rainier, it is probably the 2nd most popular week-long backpacking excursion in Washington", says Thomas. "These two passes ... are the two main (and closest) passes for driving over the Cascade mountains from the Seattle area. The only access to the PCT between these points would require a good 8-10 mile hike from the end of a Forest Service road." Thomas did the hike on September 12-13, 2008, in a time of 37h17m. His blog gives a detailed report with many stunning photos and some video clips as well. The FKT for this segment of the PCT appears to be held by Eugene Trahern, Mark Hartinger and Ike Hesler, who ran it in 18h05m on July 21, 1995 (according to an email I received from Trahern on June 7, 2010.)

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