Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week Jan, 14-20

Last week I was sick for the first two days and felt guilty for the first time in my life for not running. However that feeling was gone really fast, it was pretty hard to force myself to go running on the third day when I apparently felt fine. But I did, and ran really fast on fresh legs after two days of rest aka sickness. I even named it the "tempo run". Another tempo run happened on the day after as Kolya joined and this time he was fast on the fresh legs.

And on Saturday I've done something stupidly beautiful - double ascent of Mt Si. Surprisingly my second ascent was  not more than 10 minutes slower than the first one, that I can only explain with the fact that I was really slow on the first ascent too (I actually was a little bit slower than usual, maybe that's my mental condition of knowing that I am not done with all the uphills after I get to the top and I need to save some power). Both downhills were fast and smooth, even though it was really icy.

On Sunday the plan was to do 6 miles recovery run, but we really wanted to open (and maybe at the same time close as it's getting warmer..) ice climbing season, we went to Leavenworth and climbed a nice 3 pitches Plastic Fantastic Lover route (usually W4, depends on conditions, this time it was pretty close to W4 as Kolya says).


Monday: OFF/sick
Tuesday: OFF/sick
Wednesday: 7m  (tempo, 650 feet)
Thursday: 7m (tempo, 650 feet), climbing (lead)
Friday: Climbing (bouldering)
Saturday: 16m (2xMt Si, 6500 feet)
Sunday: Ice climbing, hike on approach ~3miles flat

Yesterday two days after double Mt Si my legs were even more sore than on Sunday, I've almost fell of the stairs at the office. Running planned 8 miles was hard, I've only warmed up by mile 5, and then I stopped feeling pain in my hips, it replaced with the weird feeling that these muscles did not belong to my body, they were some foreign parts for some reason attached to my leg bones. That let me finish 8 miles and today I feel less tired (still walk funny though).

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