Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week Jan, 7-14

I haven't been writing about my training over the last week, getting bored with that blogging thing probably :)

So it was a good training week so far, though Kolya got sick and couldn't run all week long, also I felt wrong going to gym without him, so I didn't.

3 days of relaxed running over the work week (5+7+4) followed by intense running over the weekend with Mt Si (8m, 3250 feet of elevation gain) on Saturday and 17 miles (14 were planned, but this freaking Ambit decided it was not enough and showed me very wrong mileage) and 2900 feet of gain on Cougar on Sunday. There was even more snow on Si this week, it actually started just one mile after the trailhead, and I didn't make it up any faster. However I found one improvement - I was able to run on Cougar next day, even uphills (though my calves were screaming for the first hour).

While running on Cougar I found that I cannot process food, I made 4 bathroom stops while running, basically I couldn't eat and I couldn't drink enough. These were hard 17  miles, and I was happy to finish.

When I got home I found that I feel sick, mostly the burning throat, and upset stomach. Next day I was really sick and completely destroyed. Didn't go to work, didn't go running (7 miles were planned).

Today I feel better. My throat is ok, though I have some periodic cough and sneeze sometimes. I want to run today, let's see how it feels.

So, the second week of training results:

42 miles total
About 7k feet elev gain

I need to increase weekly elevation to 10k..

And I placed first between women (8th overall out of 93) at Tiger Fat Ass 25k last week! Good start of the year ;)

I've got my racing plan sorted out more or less, transferred my Capitol Peak 50m registration to Maxim, and signed up for volunteering instead (I still need 4hrs for Western States).

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